About Shorosh

From National to Regional: A History of Achievements

We are Aly & Ramadan I. Shorosh Company, one of the leading companies in the industrial field in Egypt and the Middle East.

In 1905 the Company has started trading in shoe accessories. At that time, the company was managed by its founder, Mr. Ibrahim Shorosh . By the end of the thirties the second generation Ali and Ramadan started to invade the industrial field seeking to participate in creating an advanced national industry and serving the National Economy.

They started manufacturing products which were imported at that time like shoe polish, laces and wax. In the fifties, manufacturing of nails of all kinds; carpentry nails, upholstery and shoe nails had took place as well. In the sixties, printing on tinplate and manufacturing tin cans for different packing purposes started, leaving us today with 4 printing lines and 3 can making lines.

By the end of the eighties, manufacturing of Twist Off caps was launched, as Shorosh was the first company to start this industry in the Middle East. The Co. has four production lines with capacity of 120.000.000 cap per year, and produces the most demanded sizes in Egypt and the region.

Also Shorosh was the first and the only Co. in Egypt to produce the screw cap.

In all these stages, our aim was always quality starting from raw materials to the final product itself